Retailer RFID tag requirements

Major Retailers are now moving to require EPC RFID tags.  When I began researching this for my EDI BootCamp class, I discovered that finding the correct information was not easy, plus this technology is so new even retailers themselves are not very familiar with it so their effort to provide information tends to be limited and can even be downright confusing.

But they want RFID tags anyway.  And as soon as possible!

So I created a specific module for my EDI BootCamp course that covers EPCs and RFID.  It is an interactive one hour online class that goes through everything you need to understand to meet the RFID labeling requirement.  No technical background ( other than a basic familiarity with barcode ) is required.   Also provided as part of the course is a kit of selected documents from official sources containing all the information and any reference specifications that you will need.

This class is ideal for anyone needing to get up to speed on EPCs and RFID tags.

So why is this a big deal?    Well, RFID tags require that EACH ITEM have a serial number.  There can be more than 250 BILLION serial numbers per item.

You, as Brand Owner, are responsible for ensuring that there are NO DUPLICATES!


Is it doable?  Yes.  But before the documentation will make sense, you need to know the terminology, background, and how to begin.  I get you up to speed with a comprehensive non-technical overview so that you are familiar with the material and are ready to start planning.  In the class we cover:

          Why retailers WANT RFID
          How it works
          Why it is now finally taking off
          How does it relate to UPC barcodes
          Understanding GTINs and EPCs
          Planning your strategies for serial numbering
          How you as a supplier can benefit

This is a live class and we answer questions as we go along until the big picture is clear.  At that point you can review the official documents contained in the kit for additional info that you may need to plan your program (including delving into the more technical part of the specs if necessary). 

Your relationship with your retailer customer is important.  Save potential chargebacks and get a head start with the Gen2RFID BootCamp class.